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Album Released

Production Music - Cues 01 (2016)

Production music for films, media, games etc. Symphonic and electronic instruments together.

Eclectic style of music, from dramatic and sad themes to action.


Album Compilation

Django Festival 7 (2013)

Thanks to cooperation with producer and guitarist Jon Larsen from Norway, song Maro Maro from album You Know What?! is included here.


Album Compilation

Sounds of Encore - Buick (2013)

Versatile, smooth and open-minded, music compilation for Buick Encore. Two songs from album You Know What?! are on this compilation, Distances and Seventh.


Festival Concert

Nishville Jazz Festival, Serbia (2012)

Live concert at Nishville Jazz Fest in Nis, Serbia. Dejan performed with his orchestra Nista Corbasto.

Click on Youtube link to watch the whole performance.


Album Released

You Know What?! (2012)

Acoustic Balkan Folk Jazz music, thrilling melodies and improvisations on accordion, violin, guitar, clarinet, frula *Serbian traditional woodwind instrument and trumpets as important part. Pure and modern Balkan music.


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